Take Control of Your Audio.

  • Slow down sections of songs to learn them at a speed that is comfortable for you, or challenge yourself by speeding them up. Speed range is 25% to 200%.
  • Adjust song pitch in half steps or cents to match your instrument or vocal range, or to learn a song in a different key.
  • Lectures and other spoken recordings can be slowed down to aid in transcribing, or sped up to cover the material faster.

Revolutionary Quality. Powerful Features.

  • Intuitive interface allows creation of looped sections and interactive dragging of the playhead to search through the song.
  • Unmatched sound quality using DIRAC™ pitch and time adjustment. Sounds great even at extreme speeds and pitch ranges.
  • Built-in content such as tunings (guitar, bass, etc.), scales, drum beats and metronome clicks.

Many Ways to Import.

  • Import songs directly from the iPod library already on your device (DRM-protected content excluded).
  • Add songs wirelessly via web browser.
  • Sync files directly using iTunes.

Exceptional Value.

  • Buy now to take advantage of the low introductory price!

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